Rita McKinney, Astrologer

Rita McKinney

Rita McKinney is a practicing professional astrologer and psychic with over 30 years experience.  Forecasting for corporate and private clientele, providing insights and clarity to a client’s path.  Her Astrological and psychic forecasts have helped with business partnerships, jobs, career, relocation, court appearances, relationships, business management, and missing persons.

As a local and national astrology writer for Examiner.com she provided a broader understanding to world events. 

Astrology Chart

Astrology Forecasts

Providing a full array of western astrology forecasts: Natal Charts (with interpretations), career, relocation, money, relationships, and more.

Astrology Speaking Events

Speaking Events

From weekend retreats to corporate events.  Learn and understand your true self, and live a positive, joyful, and eventful life.

Psychic Tarot Reading


A psychic, and tarot reader, for over 30 years.  Helping clients find answers in love, money or career.  Expert in missing persons.

Customer Review

Rita’s astrology and intuitive readings have helped me so much over the past years. 

One year when an eclipse was set to impact my life, her forecast was spot on.  She mentioned a job change at the end of December, which would lead to a career change.  Suggested I get my resume updated.   I had just received my yearly job performance review and all was well.  Everyone was happy with my work.  After Christmas my boss called me into his office and said “sorry, but you’ve been laid off.” 

I highly recommend Rita McKinney as your personal astrologer.

Susan St. James

Rita is a gifted psychic. She guided me through a contentious divorce. She is the real deal.

Lara Peterson

Rita is what I was looking for in a psychic. She gave an accurate reading. If you are looking for guidance then seek no further than Rita.

Jon Werner

After many years unhappy in my current job, I consulted Rita for a birth chart reading. Now I understand why I have this insane passion for music. Changed jobs. Now my job is my passion. I am happy.