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Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus In Aries, June 8, 2010


On Tuesday June 8, 2010 at 7:25am (EST)  Jupiter the planet of fortune, growth, optimism and hope, will conjunct Uranus the planet of revolution, the unexpected and change, in bold, individualstic, and independent Aries. 

Just about anything can happen in this exciting and potentially explosive transit.

There could be a thousand point move in the Stock Market, or [...]

Jupiter and Saturn in Opposition, May 23, 2010



Jupiter In Pisces Will Oppose Saturn on May 23, 2010 

On May 23, 2010 Jupiter enters Pisces and will be opposite Saturn in Virgo at 180 degrees to one another.  This is called an opposition, and means the two planets are pulling against each other, each want to go in opposite directions.

Jupiter and [...]