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Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway

Psychic Rita Estelle, saw Murder by Young Man while Two Friends watched.  ARUBA

Emailed to Mrs. Holloway (Twitty) week of July 31, 2005. This was most recent to go out. No response.
Cannot find Email address of Aruba Police department. Not on Google Search.

Per Rita: She is encased in cement. It’s some kind of box with a lid. Like an old cistern. It’s on an old rubble foundation where there was a structure. Now there is only a foundation with cement rubble around it. And when you stand at the back of the foundation and look towards the front, there should be a couple of palm trees on your right. And there are two shot glasses near the scene. And in them should be found the drugs that were used.

And you have to look carefully around this area to find the cement patch. Look carefully around the area and you will find the cement patch.

The Dutch boy is the one who killed her. And the two brothers were just along for the ride.

The Dutch boy liked rough kinky sex and the two boys liked to watch.

I don’t want to get too much… just that the boy liked rough and kinky sex and the two boys were voyeurs. ____________________

Laci Peterson Update

Lacey Peterson

Lacey Peterson

Police determined that the husband was guilty and Laci’s body was found at a lake in the Bay Area.

Keep checking back to see if Scott Peterson ever reveals it was on the couch that He smothered Laci to death with a pillow.

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”

Missing Man

Pickup In Canal

Pickup In Canal

MISSING MAN: Rita saw truck & body submerged in Ditch.


Rita phoned the Police Department to day:

He left the bar and took a wrong turn.  And his car landed in a ditch.  He took a turn where there is no road and he landed in a ditch.


A false psychic gave a vision of the man being stabbed and that he was dead somewhere.

The lady psychic claimed he got into a fight as he was leaving the bar.  This account was reported over the news.

It resulted in the police wasting a lot of time because they were misled.

However, Rita’s vision was that he had taken a wrong turn because he had spent the night at the bar drinking.

After a month or two went by, someone saw the top of the truck in a swollen ditch.  The man was found dead inside.  He had taken a wrong turn because he was drunk.

Poloce would have found the body immediately if they had listened.

Keep checking back to see if Psychic Rita Estelle has more visions of missing persons.

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”





Laci Peterson

Lacey Peterson

Lacey Peterson

Emailed to Modesto Police a week after news broke.

Rita: I believe it is the husband.

She had fallen asleep on the couch. And he had taken a pillow and started smothering her. And she sort of woke up.

And at first she thought he was just playing – but she realized he was serious and he killed her by smothering her.

She will be found near water where there are rocks – cement that have angles to them.

She is weighted down and near a drain pipe. It is a large body of water like a lake.

Chandra Levy Case

Chandra Levy

Chandra Levy

My original vision on the case:

  • Male, latino
  • Wavy hair
  • Dark skin
  • Physically fit (at the time)
  • Worked in gym
  • First name began with “I”
  • Lived with mother
  • Not American
  • Her body in park, under bush with berries, near rocks

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”


Missing Boy Toddler

Missing Toddler Tulare Calif

Missing Toddler Tulare Calif

Summer of 1998: LITTLE BOY Missing: Rita saw death in hole in Front Yard.


Rita personally spoke to the police – but later found that her information was ignored. 

His parents believe he wondered off.

Rita: I see him right there on the property.

He is in a hole.  And is where there is a jumble of old toys in a big mound.  Tangled mess of grass and old stuff.

That’s where he will be found.  Still alive – unable to speak – Squeezed.


Tragically, the little boy died.  Rita was assured her tip would be checked out.

Because police ignored this information, the child died while in the hole – as his mother, father and police walked around him.

Boy’s body was eventually found in a hole in the front yard, just as Rita explained.  He would be alive today if Rita’s advice had been taken seriously.

Keep checking back to see when Psychic Rita Estelle has visions of other missing children.

“Together We Can Bring the Missing Home”

Traci Renee Conrad

Traci Renee Conrad

Traci Renee Conrad

TRACI RENEE CONRAD: Rita saw dead body hidden in neighbor’s yard.


Rita’s vision: Little girl in a back yard close to house.  She was never taken anywhere or left town.  She will not be found alive – she is in the back yard.


Weeks after Psychic Rita’s phone call to Police, the little girls body was FINALLY found stuffed into a pottery kiln in the neighbor’s back yard.  It was only found because neighbors tried to find out why their neighborhood had a terrible smell.

It took a month for police to find the body.

Keep checking back to see when Rita finds other missing persons!

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”