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Tiger Woods continues his losing streak

Tiger Woods failed at the 2012 Barclays golf Tournament, finishing tied for 38th place at one over par and only 11 strokes behind champion Nick Watney. 

According to Woods, “I see it as absolutely it’s a good year.” 

Woods has again failed to win a major tournament this year, and he has not won one since the 2008 U.S. Open.  Woods is sinking fast, and is living in delusion if he thinks this was a “good” year. 

His killer instinct is history; he has lost belief in himself and is going against everything his father Earl Woods taught him about the game of golf and life. 

It is also wishful thinking that Woods keeps telling us over and over again he has plenty of time left in his career to catch Jack Nicklaus’ record of winning 18 major championships. 

Nicklaus won his last major when he captured the 1986 Masters at age 46.  Woods is now 36; his math says he still has 40 major championship appearances to win four.  This will not happen with the way Woods is currently playing the game. 

Tiger Woods’ father died during his Saturn return, and that year, he played in the opening round of the U.S. Open and for the first time ever he did not make the grade.  The Saturn transit to his Moon disrupted the unconscious instincts for the fame that were instilled in him by his father.  Saturn is the great teacher and Woods failed to lear his lesson. 

For Woods to make it back to the top he will have to transform himself as natal Pluto in his First House suggests, get back his killer instincts and return to the teachings of his father.  Until that time he will sadly continue to sink in the ranks of golf history.  

Mercury Retrograde, July 14 to August 8, 2012

Gemini and Virgo are signs ruled by Mercury, if you were born under one of these signs, you will feel the effects more than others. 

If you work in industries ruled by Mercury such as sales, public relations, writing, publishing, advertising, air freight, postal service, express mail, freight industry, airlines, busses, Amtrak and teaching, you will be especially vulnerable to Mercury retrograde.

What happens during Mercury Retrograde?
Missed appointments, computer and related equipment crashes, email and snail mail are lost or over-looked, the car you purchased during Mercury retrograde is a lemon.  Countless delays, appointments cancelled or postponed. 

Machinery and items with moving parts such as computers, CD players, camera equipment, forced air units, and so on, will reveal their weak links.

It is critical that you back up your computer files and be more careful and vigilant than ever.  Not a good time to install new software or downloads.  Projects will take more time and money than anticipated during this time.

In love and family dynamics if someone breaks up with you or says something hurtful, take it with a grain of salt.  Mercury rules speech, they may not mean what you think they said.  Take a wait and see attitude before you do anything.

When traveling leave early and allow extra travel time.  Double-check your tickets, bags, and reconfirm all appointments.  The sector of your chart that Mercury is transiting will be affected dramatically, so check your personalized forecast!

What can be done during Mercury Retrograde?
Good time to backtrack and reconfigure your path in life.  Revisit old clients, reconsider, reflect, reconnect and repair.  Mercury forces us to slow down and fix what is broken, and rethink things.  It is also a time to get projects off the back-burner.

This is also the perfect time to visit old friends.  Adopted children tend to find their birth parents; people find their long lost siblings and classmates.  Law enforcement will find clues to crimes that previously remained unsolved for years.  There is a greater daner, that law enforcement can bungle evidence, while investigating a new crime during Mercury retrograde, due to unclea thinking.

Mail that was lost weeks or years ago generally shows up during Mercury retrograde.  Things lost reappear.

Now is also the perfect time to set things right in relationships.  If you are in sales this is a time to revisit previous contacts instead of calling on new ones.  A good time to schedule work on projects that you have not had time to do.  Bring your resume or portfolio up to date, and clean out your closets, paint and repair the house.

Try not to start new things
If you start a new job during Mercury retrograde, know that the nature of the job will change dramatically over time.  The person you report to will leave or your responsibilities will be different from what you were told they would be.  The company that hired you might make a sudden change and delay taking you on, or you will not have much to do until things are reorganized.  If this was a position that you interviewed for in the past, then Mercury retrograde will work for you.

A classic Mercury retrograde hit professional golfer Jim Furyk at the Barclays Tournament in August of 2010.  He over slept and was disqualified from the Barclays Golf Tournament.  Always have a back-up and double check everything during Mercury Retrograde.

Ominous changes coming with rare Transit of Venus

Venus will pass across the face of the Sun on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at 6:04 P.M. (EDT).  The transit of Venus is a rare celestial event that occurs every 113 to 130 years.

Venus represents our relationships and communication with others.

June 8, 2004, was the last time we had a transit of Venus.  The transits come in pairs, eight years apart, and the planet Venus will always be in the signs of either Gemini or Sagittarius, an axis that is all about exploration and the gathering of knowledge in an effort to gain superior understanding.

Looking back through the centuries when this rare event has occurred, shows it is a time of technological breakthroughs involving communication, telecommunication, and aviation.  It is also a time of pioneering exploration.

Venus transit of 1874 and 1882

The Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was completed, that created the first intercontinental communications by wire between the East and the West.  Electricity for public use, the light bulb, telephone, and recording equipment were invented.

Venus transit of 1761 and 1769

Britain signed peace treaties with France and Spain in 1763.  The Anglican Church was ousted in 1761.  Exploration for the achievement of scientific knowledge began with Captain Cook’s mission to Tahiti.  An industrial revolution occurred in Britain and the first of the mills, factories and canals were opened.

Common features of past transits of Venus

A common feature of past transits of Venus is scientific knowledge, which is interesting, since the world is in the middle of huge advancements in scientific exploration.

The most common theme is revolution.  In the 17th century it was about scientific revolution which the Catholic Church could no longer contain.  In the 18th century it was about an industrial revolution in Britain.  In the 19th century a technological or electrical revolution began.

Religion and spiritual questioning is associated with the sign of Sagittarius and each of the eras has some notable milestones concerning issues of faith.

The next transit of Venus will happen in December 2117 and December 2125, more than a century from now.

The transit of Venus should not be viewed with the naked eye NASA will be showing a live webcast here: Transit of Venus 2012


Eclipses of 2012

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

Eclipses bring the most radical of changes in the year, and you need to watch the on set of each eclipse carefully.  If an eclipse highlights your Sun, moon, rising sign, or one of your natal planets, then the eclipse will bring radical changes in your life, often in ways that are completely unexpected.

In 2011 the signs of Cancer and Capricorn were affected – this year you can rest.

2012 will see three eclipses that will fall in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.  The eclipse in November will fall in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. 

The November eclipse will begin a new family of eclipse signs, simultaneous with the other family of signs.

There will be more eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio in 2013, and one last eclipse in Gemini and Sagittarius in May of 2013.

An eclipse in your sign, means that huge changes are due either near the time of the eclipse, one month to the day later (plus or minus one week), or within six months of the eclipse

Eclipses bring truth to the surface, especially full moon lunar eclipses.  If the mathematical degree of an eclipse touches something in your chart, you will feel enlightened afterward.

New moon eclipses are associated with new opportunities and the opening of a new path, and they can be very exciting.  An eclipse does not have to aspect only your Sun or rising sign to be important you.  If can aspect a natal planet, moon, or important house cusp.

If you have not had your Natal Chart done, now would be an excellent time to purchase one, so you can see in advance how the 2012 and 2013 eclipses will affect you.  Don’t be blind sided by events, such as job loss, unexpected events in the home or relationships break-ups.

May 20, 2012, New moon solar eclipse in Gemini, 0 degrees
All the planets will be nicely aspected especially Mercury, and that is important, as Mercury rules Gemini.  This is a new moon and will bring lots of news and unexpected events and opportunities.   This new moon will be one of the most helpful ones of 2012.  If you were born near this date, you will see lots of good news come to you.

Three Questions Answered by Email $50.00

Three Questions Answered by Email $50.00

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Mercury Retrograde March 12 to April 4, 2012

Mercury Retrograde


The planet Mercury and ruler of transportation and communication turns retrograde in the fire sign of Aries, on Monday, March 12, to April 4, 2012.

Mercury in Aries tends to be bossy, pushy, rash, impatient and insensitive.



The planet Mercury the “messenger” planet rules thinking and perception and all types of communication and transportation.  When Mercury goes retrograde it gives rise to personal and business misunderstandings, flawed and disrupted negotiations, delayed communications, breakdowns with computers, cars, phones, busses, trains and airplanes.

Mercury rules people who work in the areas of communication, transportation and commerce, such as: writers, speakers, commentators, critics, public relations, advertising, air traffic controllers, and teachers. 

Gemini and Virgo are signs ruled by Mercury, so if you were born under one of these signs, you will be complaining especially loudly. 

During a Mercury Retrograde it would not be wise to begin a new project.  This is a time to get your mind and thinking in order, a time to contact people from the past, perhaps a past client.  This is a perfect time to update your resume, and reconnect with people who can help with your job search.  Listen and learn.


Below is a short list of things you can do during a Mercury Retrograde:

  • Check all matters of communication twice for mistakes.
  • Keep your cell phone charged
  • Check your travel plans twice.
  • Do not check your luggage when flying.
  • Double-check all your appointments
  • Ask questions and listen.

Mercury Retrograde gives us a great opportunity to slow down and reflect.

A classic Mercury Retrograde hit professional golfer Jim Furyk at The Barclays tournament in August of 2010.  He over slept and was disqualified from The Barclays Golf Tournament.  Ouch!  Always have a back-up and double check everything during Mercury Retrograde.

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Predictions 2012 and Beyond

  • United States – A powerful and charismatic man, who is not all he appears to be, will rise to prominence and dictatorship.
  • Martial Law will be imposed in the United States and parts of Europe.
  • The Euro dollar will fail; most countries will revert to their original currency.
  • Hillary Clinton, fall of 2012, she will take on a much larger role, other than just Secretary of State.
  • Nuclear or oil incident in the United States that will dwarf the BP Gulf spill.
  • Social unrest will expand and become violent, will come to a head in 2015.
  • Socialism will rise.
  • Cuban dictator Fidel Castro will pass away.

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