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Psychic Rita Estelle

Psychic Rita Estelle

If you are a family member of a missing persons or unsolved homicide, law enforcement working on a cold case or missing persons case, have a lost or stolen pet, suicide/homicide or other issues, please contact Rita McKinney now.

Law Enforcement utilizes many tools when investigating a case.  The use of a Psychic Investigator such as Psychic Rita McKinney is an additional investigative tool, and has been used by numerous law enforcement agencies.

Rita McKinney uses two basic tools when working on a case, pschometry and remote viewing.  She also touches objects worn by the victim or items left behind by the suspect.  These items emit a field of energy which can then be “read”.  This energy field carries information, images, visions, feelings etc.

Rita McKinneycannot guarantee the outcome of a case, but will put forth her best possible efforts.  Images, feeling and impressions picked up by Rita McKinney could provide clues, new information or a different angle to law enforcements unsolved crime or cold case.

All psychic detective work is private and confidential.

If you are in law enforcement and are working on a case or have a cold case to solve.  Please contact Rita McKinney at the email listed below, or by phone.

Rita McKinney does not claim to be able to work on all cases with an equal degree of effectiveness.  She will tell you if she would be able to work your case.


Phone: 406-873-2583

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