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Rita is an extraordinary person; all her life two guardian angels have been her constant companions.

She has been blessed with the rarest psychic gifts including the ability to watch murders and see where bodies are hidden.  She also travels by remote vision. 

At an early age, Rita was compelled to keep her spiritual side secret.

Rita now has over 25 years experience as a psychic.  Clients know her by Tarot Cards, but Rita has no need of cards or other physical objects. 

Rita has helped clients by remote viewing and her psychic visions.  She has traveled streets of distant cities to find rental houses, lost pets, and helpful people.  She once entered locked offices (in vision) to read a name and phone number off a lawyer’s business card, because a client needed legal help.  She once entered a college dorm room (in vision) while talking on the phone to pranksters and described every person in the party and what they were doing.  Needless to say, non-believers can be terrified if they are not prepared to meet a real psychic.

Rita has precognitive dreams that have saved peoples jobs and prevented other catastrophies.  She actually lives an experience a person will have before they have it days later.  Rita watches murders being commited and sees where bodies are hidden.

Rita watched Natalie Holloway being murdered as well as Lacey Peterson.  Rita saw where Natalie’s body was encased in cement.

Rita can advise you how to dress and act for the particular judge and jury you will find in an upcoming trial.  She knows the personalities of people whom she has never met in the physical realm.

Rita serves everyone without biases because she is non-judgmental.  She is not blind-sighted because of politics, professions, religions, races, sexual orientations, etc.

Rita has special success with missing persons, relationships, career, depression, unemployment, business, love and family.

Rita is completely versatile.  She can help business people make wise decisions.

Are you aware that top businessmen have the very best psychics on retainer for critical decisions?

Rita will also give personal attention for those who wish to have a retainer arrangement.

Rita can watch unfaithful lovers and identify those with whom they are cheating.

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