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Holistic Astrology


Holistic Astrology looks at the whole person, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects.  It also looks at how each person functions in different areas of their life; career, relationship, artistic, social, political, musical, ethical, and athletic.

Some people are better at their career, and struggle with relationships, while others have great music ability, but lack common sense.

One-time Forecasts Have Their Place
Holistic Astrology involves an ongoing partnership to discover the best way for you to focus on certain areas of your life.

How a Holistic Astrology Consultation Can Help You
Are you struggling with your relationships?  Unable to find a job, or feel you are in the wrong career field, family situations out of control?  No matter what the problem or where you are in life a Holistic Astrology Consultation can help you.

First is the pre-consultation interview to determine which areas of your life to focus on, and which areas of your life are moving along well.  Together we will work on an action plan for taking astrological forecasts and turning them into successful strategies for a fuller life.

Second is a personalized comprehensive summary and two monthly forecast reports, emailed at 30 day intervals.  Not computer generated one that is written especially for you.

Third is a one hour follow-up call.

Holistic Astrology Is Successful In

  • Setting a career path
  • Making a decision on graduate school, or other higher learning
  • Getting control of romantic relationships
  • Working to resolve conflicts with children and blended families
  • Work with the responsibilities for aging parents or an ill spouse
  • Conflict in the work place
  • Grief over the passing of a loved one
  • Getting a job
  • Court appearances

 What You Can Expect
The pre-consultation call is used to determine which areas of your life to focus on: are you currently unemployed and seek a job in your career field, going through a bad relationship, need help finding a career field that suits you, etc.

After the pre-consultation call a summary report is built around the area of life you wish to focus. Two monthly forecasts, emailed at 30 day intervals, along with one follow-up phone session.

You will learn how your Natal Chart suggests where you should focus your energy, more about yourself, your relationships, family, groups to which you belong, culture, your generation and more.

You will gain a greater sense of your unique purpose in life.

Holistic Astrology consultations are appropriate no matter where you are in your personal growth and development, whether or not you are in the middle of stress over career or relationships, etc.

Take Action
Stop the struggle, stress and emotional torment.  Start living life on your terms.

Astrology shows the conditions of life, of what can be, it requires that you take positive actions, and initiate.  Forecasts are a road map, you make the final decisions.

Price $250.

All consultations are confidential.  No refunds.

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