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Law Enforcement

Psychic Rita Estelle

Law Enforcement Detectives working on missing persons or unsolved homicides, or families of missing persons or unsolved cases.

Rita McKinney has over 30 year’s professional experience dealing with law enforcement both domestically and internationally. She can provide images, impressions, symbols, smells and sounds that can provide (and have provided), new leads, information and clues, sometimes providing a different angle to the crime.

Not every case is accepted by Rita McKinney. She will give your case her undivided attention and best efforts in assisting law enforcement.

Rita McKinney does not guarantee the outcome of a case. All information is strictly confidential.

Rita McKinney can help provide pieces of the puzzle.  It will be up to law enforcement to put all of the pieces together and solve the case.

“Individuals with bona fide psychic ability offer a unique and potentially valuable investigative skill.”  Police Chief Magazine, 1979.


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