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Astonishing Readings by Psychic Rita

Psychic Rita Estelle has helped save people from financial crises, debt, bills, unemployment, money problems and layoffs.  She has helped people find jobs.  She has located missing persons and pets. 

She has traveled in vision to distant cities to find missing persons and pets. 

Psychic Rita Estelle can  help you FIND LOVE - ROMANCE .


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Hi Rita;
Thanks for the forecast, very accurate already, you wrote;

”A date you need to be aware of is:
Tue Sept 24 to Fri, Sept 27, 2013
An argument over money This will be in your Eighth House of other peoples money, debt, credit,
mortgages, and includes things like health insurance.”

I have been expecting this, one of the ‘fine print” things in the Divorce was that my ex spouse continue to pay my Health Insurance, I do not think they are fully aware of this yet, but they will find out late this month.

How do you get these things so clearly and concisely? Thanks for the warning; I will pay close attention to this.

Sept 4, 2013

 Rita! :)

You are amazing!  Thank you SO much for taking
the extra time to clarify this for me.  You’ve been
very helpful and I really appreciate every bit of
advice you’ve given.  What you said makes perfect
sense, so I will go ahead and give it a shot!
Again, thanks for getting back to me on my 
further questions.  You are so kind!
Warm Regards,

RITA SAVED MY JOB:   I was surprised to receive your phone call and a warning about the next day at work; I was about to be fired or demoted, you said.  You told me that four giant spools of cable had severe defects.  They had gone through the manufacturing process while equipment was malfunctioning.  If I did not catch those spools before they were shipped, the company would lose the account, be sued, and fire me, because it was my job to inspect them.

I was given a lot of other projects at that time and I wasn’t inspecting closely.  The next day at work, I searched and found a pallet with 4 spools of wire, like you described.  The cable looked just fine, but I cut through a few ends just in case.  Sure enough, insulation and other parts of the cable were missing.  I tagged the pallet as rejected.  It saved my job.  Instead of being yelled at and fired, I was complimented on being alert.  Rita, you saved my job.


RITA FOUND A HOUSE FOR US – HOMELESS IN TEXAS:  I couldn’t find a house anywhere to rent.  My family was only a day from eviction.  Rita has never been in my town: that’s why she was so amazing.  She traveled through the streets “invision,” describing all the buildings and streets I could see in my memory.  Rita took me down by the river.  I hadn’t been there for a long time because the houses were too expensive.  She told me to inquire about the one just remodeled and painted blue/gray.  Rita said the landlady was desperate to rent it and it could be rented for only $200 a month.  I didn’t believe it.  But the next day, my husband and I went to the exact house and the landlady was there, cleaning up.  Although it was just too good for a working-poor family like mine, I rented it for only $200 a month because my husband agreed to free labor in putting in the landscaping.  If it wasn’t for Rita, my family would be in a shelter or living out of our car.


RITA TOLD ME WHERE I WOULD BE MARRIED:  I didn’t know where I could be married.  My family couldn’t afford a big church wedding, but it was always my dream.  I just feel God blesses marriages in churches.  Rita came to my town “in vision” and we went through the streets looking for a church.  I went using my memory, since I grew up here.  To my amazement Rita said, “Go down Elm Street and midway you will see a large and beautiful old limestone Church samed Saint Joseph’s.  This is where you will be married and the entire congregation will donate money to make it beautiful beyond your imagination. “When she said that, I let out a scream of excitement because my grandmother lived directly across the street from the church and was a much-respected member.  What Rita said made sense, and came true.  I was married in St. Joseph’s Church and the entire congregation was thrilled to donate money and time to make it fabulous beyond my imagination.  Praise God and thank you, Rita!


RITA KEPT ME FROM BEING SUED:  I was a recent immigrant to the United States.  I was naive and was taken into a scam. A phone solicitor for a long-distance company claimed I had agreed to pay $200 a month for their basic service.  I was being sued for thousands of dollars and was afraid of being deported.  Rita used her psychic ability to take me downtown to an office building.  There was a lawyer’s office inside.  I knew the building but didn’t know there was a lawyer’s office.  Rita went right into the man’s office and looked over the desk.  She said that next to the phone, she saw a business card, and she read the lawyer’s name and phone number off the card.  Next day, I called the number.  I was really surprised to find the lawyer was also an immigrant from my own country!  He was so upset that I was being taken advantage of, he immediately started legal action to protect me.  And he did it for free.  Our families are now close friends and I have done work to pay him back.  Rita, I owe a lot to you!


RITA CAME INTO OUR DORM ROOM IN VISION: Just for kicks, my drunk buddies and I decided to call a psychic and make a fool of her.  We called Rita and tested her to demonstrate she had no superhuman abilities.  Everyone was quiet while we listened to her every word.  I asked, “If you’re a psychic, how many people are at my party.”  In good nature, Rita replied.  “Well, your party is about over because the only ones left are you on the phone and a friend listening in from the bedroom.  And I don’t know if I should include your third blond-haired friend who is so drunk, he is passed-out on the couch next to you.”  When she said that, we almost hung-up the phone.  We started freaking, like Rita was in the room with us.  Rita said she was with us and described the room and my friends in detail.  My hair was standing on ends!

I regained my composure and went ahead and asked why I couldn’t get a steady girlfriend.  Rita explained my personality in an in-depth way, as if she always knew me.  I needed a girl custom-made for me, because I am unique.  I felt really happy with myself, especially when Rita said I would meet a beautiful soul mate very soon.


RITA KEPT ME FROM SUICIDE: I’m an old man.  After my wife died I did not have any interest in living or my church: I went through the motions.  I just wanted to die and be with my wife.  One lonely night I decided to talk to Rita although I did not believe in psychics.  She told me exactly what my situation was even though I was completely silent and skeptical.  She told me there was a great void in the congregation since I became withdrawn.

She said there were young people with serious emotional problems needing the wisdom I could provide.  I knew exactly the kids she described.  Rita said it was urgent I contact them.  I felt life coming back to me – like a miracle healing.  I wept uncontrollably when she closed by saying, “Pick-up thy bed and walk!”  I still don’t believe in psychics, but I now see there are prophetesses among us, just like in Bible times.  Rita, you are not only a prophetess, but a healer too!


RITA FOUND OUR CHILDREN AFTER A HURRICANE: Thank you for helping me find my lost children.  After the hurricane I was beside myself.  Our town was torn to pieces and everything looked confusing.  Everyone was wondering about in dazes.  Children and elderly were lost.  I could just visualize my babies huddled together wet, hungry, and crying for their mother.

But you assured me they were all right.  You were able to use your supernatural vision to guide me through out torn-up town and to the countryside where I saw the farmhouse on the hill you described.  As I drove up to the house, I just knew my babies were there, like you said.  A family with little children came out to greet me.  And sure enough, as soon as I stepped out of my car, my little ones came running out from nowhere to greet me.

The farmer’s children were sad to give up their new playmates, but they let my precious cats come home with me.  The family was amazed to hear that you guided me to their house, even though you were thousands of miles away and had never been in our area before, Rita I thank God He protected my home from the hurricane, and I thank you for bringing my family back together.


RITA MADE MY DEBTS DISAPPEAR: After many years of financial crisis, arguing, and a hopeless future, I finally decided to use a little extra money and talk to a real psychic.  Friends advised me to contact Rita in particular, but I had to overcome some reservations.  It was my lowest moment.  The call saved my life.  Rita told me a seven year period of intense trials was ending and that I was soon to change my career and have much more money, buy a new house in a city I always dreamed of, and trouble with the IRS was soon to be resolved.

Her statements were shocking because I had been in trouble for exactly seven years.  Rita counseled me on how to overcome fears of the past through meditation in order to take control of my life and achieve things that were in my particular destiny.

She said God had a plan for me.  Amazingly, within a month after talking to Rita my financial problems started coming to an end and my debts began to disappear, along with IRS problems.

My son now lives in the city I want to live in and he offered to help me move there and get a better job.  The important thing about Rita was she kept me from giving up at the darkest time.  Rita saved my life!


I WENT BACK TO COLLEGE THANKS TO RITA: Rita, thank you for helping me when I was at the point of committing suicide.  I was pretending to be taking classes, although I had flunked out of the classes my Dad forced me into.  I don’t have an aptitude for engineering.

I spent all my days playing video games at the arcade, wasting money sent by my parents.  My family sacrificed everything to send money every month, and I hated myself.  You helped me see my future in a new light; being honest with my father and myself.  I am back in college now, taking courses I want and I can succeed in.

My Dad was shocked when I told him the truth, but forgave me.  He encourages my new career choice.  Of course, my Mom always loves me anyway.  I have a much closer relationship with my parents now and everything seems right – thanks to you, Rita.


RITA CAUGHT MY CHEATING GIRLFRIEND & BUSINESS PARTNER: In my line of business, I can’t afford to make mistakes.  It could be fatal, if you know what I mean.  I was just about to terminate a business relationship with someone I greatly admired, when I decided to double check the bad report I got about him.  That’s when I called Rita.

Come to find out, my girlfriend and my best friend were setting up my admired business associate, if you can believe.  This new information from Rita all checked out and helped me take the appropriate action.  I am happy to report I still do business with my admired friend.

And it was reported my ex-girlfriend and best friend are now inseparable and will be together for a very long time.  I hold no grudges, and am happy to have helped cement their relationship.


RITA CAUGHT A CROOKED BUSINESS PARTNER: Over the last five years you have helped guide my business.  I feel that without your help I would have made many unwise decisions, especially about the doomed partnership.  I am still amazed how you described my partner-to-be so precisely.  Sure enough, he is in jail now.  I can’t afford to make desicions without your assistance.  Here’s a toast to another 5 years!