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Tiger Woods, Why He Needs More Than A New Swing Coach

Tiger Woods, the world’s greatest golfer, is in a severe slump and his number one ranking is up for grabs.

Before the indiscretions of Woods became common knowledge, he was on top of the world, and no one in golf could match or overtake his game.

Now, Woods is in a big time slump: he is in a free-fall, his golf scores are sinking, and some major sponsors are rethinking their sponsorship contracts.

Astrologer Rita Estelle of explains why Woods is in such a slump, and how she could get him back on track.

According to Rita Estelle, Tiger was born December 30, 1975 at 10:50pm in Cypress, California with his Sun in Capricorn: making him hard working, goal-oriented, ambitious and controlling.  His Ascendant or Rising Sign is Virgo.  A person’s Ascendant is how he appears to the world, in contrast to his real self.  This explains Woods’ intelligent demeanor and his carefully crafted exterior.

Tiger’s Moon is in Sagittarius, revealing that he is a person who loves freedom and adventure, while disliking commitment and responsibility.

Looking back on Tiger’s Astrological Chart, I saw that marital problems were brewing sometime around the beginning of 2009 when Pluto transited his Natal Sun, which was in his Fourth House of family.  That transit forewarned: misuse of personal powers, separation and or desertion by friends, quarrels with others, emotionally increased loneliness despite the company of others.

But let us consider Wood’s present situation and beyond.

Pluto, which is the planet of transformation, reveals that a few more sponsorships will be stripped away, along with fans and his standing in the golfing hierarchy.  Pluto has also revealed the real Tiger Woods.

Tiger will feel unsure of his directions and choices with transiting Saturn in Scorpio, squaring Woods’ Natal Saturn in Leo in his Second House of income.  Woods will have career difficulties and trouble with legal affairs, bills and or property.

During this same time, transiting Pluto in Capricorn squares Woods’ Natal Pluto in Libra, suggesting enormous turmoil.  Pluto is the planet of decay and rebirth.  Pluto destroys things in order to rebuild them again.

Could Tiger Woods have avoided all his past, current and coming troubles? “Yes,” says Rita Estelle, “Astrology is a road map for your life, and you choose where you want to drive.

“Here is an example,” says Rita, “you have two people who currently are in the state of Wisconsin and they need to get to Miami, Florida.  You give person number one a road map that shows a number of routes to Miami.  You give no road map to person number two, and only tell him that Miami is Southeast of Wisconsin.”

“Which one of the two persons would get to Miami,” asks Rita, “while he is having a pleasant journey on the way?  Person number one would, of course.  In contrast, person number two would flounder, get lost, get frustrated, and spend energy and money on needless things.  Similarly, a person who does not have astrological help could spend a lot on needless worry, conflicts and insecurity”.

I asked Rita Estelle what advice she would give Tiger Woods.  ‘Without going into too much detail,’ Rita replied, “Wood’s chart warns that he should take some time away from the public, transform his relationship energy, become more compassionate, and spend more time on his Tiger Woods Foundation.  Of course there are many more valuable warnings in Woods’ chart, and with the help of a professional and confidential Astrologer, Tiger Woods could make it back to number one and regain the respect of the public.”

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