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Jupiter and Saturn in Opposition, May 23, 2010



Jupiter In Pisces Will Oppose Saturn on May 23, 2010 

On May 23, 2010 Jupiter enters Pisces and will be opposite Saturn in Virgo at 180 degrees to one another.  This is called an opposition, and means the two planets are pulling against each other, each want to go in opposite directions.

Jupiter and Saturn are polar opposites of each other and when they are in opposition, they cause stress between our desire to grow and expand.  At the same time they expose the limitations of what we can do.

Jupiter is a planet of possibilities, honesty, hope, spirituality and compassion and is also known as the fortuitous planet.  Jupiter expands and creates opportunities wherever it touches in your chart.

Saturn is a planet of stability, permanence, rewards, productivity, and ambition.  Saturn the taskmaster planet is the ruler of caution, limitation, and responsibility.

The placement of Jupiter and Saturn in your birth chart is of vital importance to the quality of your life.  A well-placed Jupiter is the key to success, while the rewards of a well placed Saturn are countless.

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