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30 Day Detailed Forecast

Below is a sample of the monthly forecast.  This forecast is tailored to you.  Forecast contains over 10 pages, with chart wheel.

Forecasts emailed every 30 days.

One Month Forecast Report for  (Your Name Here)
Starting May 1, 2010

Birthdate: April 26, 1977, 2:50AM (PDT), Los Angeles, CA

Pisces Rising, Cancer Moon, Taurus Sun


 Career Relationships

A chance to start fresh on a whole new chapter of life.

On May 18, the Sun and Saturn will create a day for setting foundations for the future and for creating deals of mutual benefit.

Saturn turns direct on May 30, and you will have the rest of the year to make progress. If you need to take a business trip, you will be able to proceed with plans.

New Moon in Taurus on May 13, receives golden power from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in your Seventh House (friends of and group events). Uranus is currently traveling close to Jupiter, so Uranus will add an out-of-the-blue surprise, in a positive way.

People you know could turn out to be quite helpful and supportive from mid-to-late month. You may get this support for a whole group of people, or from one or two individuals.

Saturn, in your house of love, will send you substantial help.

As soon as the New Moon appears on May 13, you will have your chance to plot your course and to set on a course for what you want.  A friend or casual contact will have a big part to play in your luck.

Your social life should be fairly lively this month, mid-to-end of May.

The course you make will be about anything important to you, you seem to be on a mission this month to create a richer and more balanced personal life.

Alert: Saturn and Jupiter (as well as Saturn and Uranus) will be in much stress with each other.  You may have problems with one friend that you will not see coming, so stay alert.  You may have seen evidence of problems with this friend at the end of April, so perhaps this will be a time of continued discussions or meditations about what occurred then and what to do now.

If the friendship has troubled you, then you need to fix things before May 31, the date Neptune  will stay in a weak position until November 7.  This is assuming the friendship is important to you, if not, let it go.

Significance of the New Moon in Taurus

A New Moon in your sign (Taurus), it is up to you to find a way to use it.  A New Moon in your sign has the power to change your life in a big way, not for a few days, but for months to come.  The caveat is that you must act within the two weeks following the New Moon.  Once those initial actions take root, and they can take as long as you feel is necessary, (whether in terms of weeks or months), you will begin a new chapter of what you would like to do.

This New Moon, May 13 at 23 degrees Taurus, is an important one for you.



 Mars is in your Fourth House (home and property), you seem still to be focused on a move, or you may have family tensions that have been hard to fix.  This may have been going on as far back as October 2009, when Mars first entered this house.  When Mars turned retrograde in late December 2009, you may have had little choice, but to put the project on hold.  If a parent was your focus, you may have had to delay your search for solutions to help your Mother or Father (Parent is anyone you view as a parent figure).

This changed when Mars went direct in early March, but at the time, Mars was moving, but slowly.  Mars is moving faster, and you should be able to get a lot done this month.

If you have a home related or property related project, try to have things wrapped up by June 7, the day Mars will move into another sign. Your next opportunity will be on August 9. 


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Try not to schedule important actions during the first half of the month, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign (Taurus).  Mercury goes direct on May 11.  You need to give any planet that turns direct two days (at least) before initiating plans.



Mercury is tied to your income, if your finances have been unpredictable and unreliable, it is because Mercury is retrograde.  After mod May you will lhave   an easier time making financial deals.

June 12, you will have a New Moon in your House of Finances, and that may be the time you need to push things in the direction of your choosing, to generate cash flow.

May 7, an excellent day that may work out well for having positive financial negotiations or developments.  The Moon will be in Pisces, so you may get two pieces of financial news.

Saturn is opposed to Jupiter and that usually brings a big expense.



Financial matters will be on your mind, within three days of May 27.  The Full Moon in Sagittarius, will focus on loans, matters of credit, venture capital, scholarships.  The Full Moon will be good to you, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn, all will align to help you.  News could be exciting. You might find a windfall or get news you were not expecting.

Neptune will be at a hard angle to the Full Moon, on May 27, if you have a legal dispute over money, make sure you have all the information you need and that no financial facts have been deliberately hidden.  Neptune can obscure facts and cause errors, double check all information.


Date to Note

First half of May: Will start slow, due to Mercury Retrograde until May 11.

May 7: Positive financial negotiations or developments.

May 11: Mercury goes direct.

May 13: New Moon, you may see career advancement.

May 17: Sun and Jupiter in supportive alignment, a friend will offer help.

May 18: A day for setting your future, creating deals of mutual benefit.

May 27: Full Moon, a problem with a friend, money could be part of the problem.

May 27: Finances may bring extra money to your wallet

May 30: Saturn turns direct, light at the end of the tunnel.



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