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Full Moon In Virgo February 28, 2010, 8:38am (PST)

Full Moon

 The moon represents our emotions, intuition, and inner drives.

The astrological sign the full moon occupies shows us the focus for the moon’s energies.

How will the full moon influence your birth/natal chart? 

Aries Sun or Aries Rising – 6th House -  Of  health and work.  Look at your health habits, seek order, comfort in routines.  Do volunteer work, look for those in need.  Finish up long-standing projects.  Be detailed minded, check everything twice.

Taurus Sun or Taurus Rising – 5th House – Fun, friendships, love, children.  Look for pleasure.  Look for the inner child.  Make new friends.

Gemini Sun or Gemini Rising – 4th House – Home, family, your roots, inner drives and connection to your past.  A family or residential property matter.  Attention to your parents or a parental figure. 

Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising – 3rd House – Ruling travel, writing and talks.  Time to write and show the new software you wrote.  Write an article for a magazine or a guest on television.   You have the ability to reach out to many people.

Leo Sun or Leo Rising – 2nd House -  Personal income.  A deal or settlement may now be reached or finialized

Virgo Sun or Virgo Rising – 1st House - Balance between the individual self and the shared self.  You know your own mind and the direction you want to take.  The possibility to be completely transformed is possible.

Libra Sun or Libra Rising – 12th House – Spirit, solitude, privacy and rest.  The time to schedule medical, dental appts.  You will feel the need for privacy and rest.

Scorpio – Sun or Sagittarius Rising – 11th House  – Friendships, events fun. Parties, weddings a conference or meeting with many happy people.

Sagittarius Sun or Sagittarius Rising - 10th House - Career and professional pursuits.  Focus on long term goals, professional reputation.  Big career development.

Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Rising – 9th House  - Personal growth, philosophy, religion higher education, and travel.  Anything communication oriented will have an outstanding change of success.

Aquarius  Sun or Aquarius Rising – 8th House -  Other peoples money. A commission, cash settlement, tax refund or other money owed to you will come your way.

Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising – 7th House – Partnerships, marriage or business.  You may get engaged or married, or sign business partnership papers.

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