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Heene Family and Karmic Energy

Heene Family

The Heene family shown above: Richard, Mayumi and sons Ryo, Falcon and Bradford. 

Apparently all Richard Heene wanted out of life was fame and fortune and he believed that doing a reality TV show would be his ticket to easy money.

A lot of people succeed at a reality show and live comfortably afterwards, but what happened to the Heene family?

Be careful what you wish for!  The universe answers our wishes and prayers in mysterious ways, not always in the manner that we want.  Richard Heene wished for fame, “ask and you shall receive”. Heene’s wish was granted.   It is all about Karma.

In a flick of an eye the nation turned against Heene, even before Falcon said “We did it for the show”.  It is all about Karma.

Could all of the above been avoided?  Could the public hate and feeding frenzy be turned around? Absolutely yes!

Don’t let this happen to you.

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