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In Memoriam

In Memorium

March 12, 1952 – October 12, 2004

To a precious brother gone too soon.

Your life cut short, by the hands of another

 Kind, and gentle.

 A smile on your face, always willing to help.

 The world “No” was not in your vocabulary

Your three daughters were all the world to you.

 My favorite story is about when you were a contract worker for TRW, on a short term contract, with limited job scope, you were having lunch when all the VP’s walked in, and the only woman in the group was complaining about how her laptop had crashed, and no one in IT was able to get it running again.  You went over to the table and offered to help, as you had spent the previous six months of unemployment studying the code for windows. She said sure, but don’t take it out of the building because there’s a lot of “stuff” on the hard drive.

You had the computer running in 20 minutes, and it was waiting in the VP’s office before she got back from lunch.

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