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Client Testimonials

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Hi Rita,

I wanted to tell you that from the last time I talked to you quite a few of the things you said have come true.

I was involved in a legal matter. Rita stated that the case would be dropped. At the time the case was being pursued, but the week before trial it was dropped. Rita pinpointed an out of state move in the exact time frame. If you are looking for honesty and accuracy you are at the right place!
Patrice, MO

3 comments to Client Testimonials

  • Jim

    Rita, a million thanks for your monthly forecasts. I can’t live without them. They have helped me and made my life smoother.

    Your forecasts are worth more than what you charge. I would be willing to pay more. They are worth it.

    You are the best!!!!!


  • Patty

    I truly feel my world was changed after my first session with Rita – my questions were answered and now I am on a visible and solid path once again.

  • Kay


    Wow! Thank you so much for this! It could not have come at a better time and makes a whole lot of sense to me.