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America’s Missing Children – Why No One Cares!

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America’s Missing Children – Why No One Cares!
by Brandy Connery Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2009 at 11:47 AM

America’s missing, abused and exploitated children, Robert Manwill, Gosselins’s, Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony…

Seattle WA – According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC): The number of missing persons reported to law enforcement has increased from 154,341 in 1982 to 876,213 in 2000. That is an increase of 468%

If any other segment of our population were so impacted, we would declare an epidemic: the Centers for Disease Control would fund a cure, we would pass and enforce legislation, and we would increase public and private security.

Since it is only a child that is missing, the public turns away and accepts the appalling statistics as status quo.  America’s children have fewer rights than a dog!

It takes a village.  Wake up America!  Teachers, you spend more time with a child than the parents.  You are ignoring the signs and turning away from the child that is silently crying out to you for help.  As a teacher, your only duty (according to you) is: to look like you are teaching, get home early, and collect your paycheck.  Oh, and don’t forget to yell the loudest about how much you do, and how little you get paid.

Case in point, Robert Manwill of Boise, Idaho, went missing on July 24, 2009.  His body was later found floating in a canal.  How did he die?  By the hands of his mother and her boyfriend!  His teacher, who saw Manwill every day saw the signs of abuse, but decided to ignore them, hoping soon the school year, would end and Manwill would be the concern of another woefully cold and dispassionate teacher, who too would ignore the signs.  Manwill’s Child Protective Services worker made home visits, but was too rushed, and ignored the child’s welfare.  Now both teachers and Child Protective Services have sighed a sense of relief, Manwill is dead and he is no longer their concern.

On every block, on every floor of an apartment building and in every mobile home park children are being abused, tortured and killed and NO ONE CARES!  Child welfare claims their case load over burdens them.  Teachers claim their class size is too large.

The ONLY time America pays any attention is when the child is cute and white.  Such as Haleigh Cummings, or Caylee Anthony.  The media couldn’t parade their pictures enough.  You won’t find the media parading around any children of color that are missing!  OK, the media did tell us about Hasanni Campbell of Fremont, California, but that was just because he was handicapped.  His picture only lasted 48 hours.  Have you read anything or seen his picture lately?  Do you care?

Wait, could American’s be waking up, could their subconscious, be talking to them?  Why I ask, does anyone care about Jon and Kate Gosselin, plus their 8 children?

The Gosselin’s seemed to have turned their fortunes around and have provided a good lifestyle for their children.  One that even they have stated would never have been possible with out their television show.  The children are all cut, well fed and finely clothed.  I personally see no abuse.  So the mom yells a few times, what mom hasn’t?  Why are there so many news articles, blogs, calls to Child Welfare, and TV news show about the exploitation of the Gosselin children?

It is because America can’t come to grips with the abuse, cruelty, killings and kidnapping of the truly lost children.  So America has instead targeted the Gosselins to voice their frustrations.

The frustrations have occurred because at one time America did care.  Now when someone calls Child Welfare with documented (photos) of abuse of the child and Child Welfare doesn’t investigate, frustration sets in and we say to our selves “Why call, they don’t do anything anyway”.

Case in point, recently a neighbor called Child Protective Services in California and stated that a young child, around 4 years old, was at the curb and throwing an axe in the air and at cars.  The neighbor was video taping the incident.  Did CPS pay the child a visit?  No!  The neighbor called the police showed them the videotape.  The police went to the child’s house, spoke with an adult and left.  NOTHING was ever done.  The child died a few months later, due to an “accidental” shot gun wound.  He was playing with a gun he found in his house.

This is only ONE of MANY frustrating accounts I could site about why American’s ignore the welfare of our most innocent, and helpless, our children.  We have spoken out and no one listens.  America is still speaking out, albeit obliquely, through the Gosselins.

Please, I beg every one of you who reads this article, look around you.  It is your duty to turn in any one you suspect of abusing a child.  “Together we can bring the missing home”, is a quote from

Do not look the other way.  We all know an abused child.

5 comments to America’s Missing Children – Why No One Cares!

  • Roberta

    I agree the Courts and CPS workers do not care about these children. I have been fighting with the court system for over a year now to have my grandson returned to me. His mother is an addict and by defination a sociopathShe left the state when she was investigated and the Judge did not order her back.The judge asked at the hearing if we could do mediation. Hello are you not listening? He is in danger and it seems no one wants to help. Why is this? I just want my grandson home and not end up like Haleigh cummings or Caylee Anthony. Why won’t the courts do something?

  • robin weber

    since abused and abandoned children don’t pay taxes, hold down jobs or at the mercy of brutal foster parents sanctioned by Social Servicies, these children will be forgotten. Without the protection of normal biological parents and the indifference of District Attorneys and strained resources, there will be continuous murders like poor Dae’von Bailey in LA, Hasanni Campbell in Oakland, CA, Ricky Holland, etc. There is no justice for these young victims and America has been desensitized because these kids have become throwaways. Yet there is a shortage of white, blonde adoptable children and the pooer kids don’t have a chance. Every pedophile is let out of prison in a few years because the jails are overcrowded and the judges and parole officers are indifferent. Shouldn’t children be entitled to equal protection under the law. Adults do in the Constitution, but not small children. Social Services has become a bloated accomplice to these horrific murders.

  • iowamom Kim

    Great article about child abuse. We all need to do our part and report (and follow-up) when we see a child being abused. If child services doesn’t respond keep calling until they do. We can also write letters to our leaders, congressmen and senators. Even to our president. There is a war on this world’s innocent and the bad guy’s are winning.

  • mommy628

    This is so true.

  • Madge

    I agree with this article 100%! It is a fact that most rather look the other way than to be burdened. So sad and yet so true!