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Haleigh Cummings - Update Aug 26, 2009

The following article is from the “First Coast News”, dated 08/26/09, compare to Psychic Rita Estelle’s vision, “Haleigh Cummings: Rita Watched Kidnapping”, posted on 02/11/09.

JACKSONVILLE FL — First Coast News has learned what questions were asked of Misty Cummings in her recent polygraph test, and how she replied. The results indicated she failed the test.

Speaking with First Coast News by phone Wednesday afternoon, Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch told us the details of the polygraph interview.

Here are the four questions Miller says were asked to Misty on August 19, followed by her answer and the polygraph result:

Question: Did you intentionally withhold any information regarding Haleigh’s disappearance?
Answer: No
Result: 99% deception

Question: Do you know what happened to Haleigh?
Answer: No
Result: 99% deception

Question: Do you know where Haleigh is now?
Answer: No
Result: 95% Deception

Question: Do you know who took Haleigh?
Answer: No
Result: 42% deception

Miller says he was confused by the 42% result, but a polygraph expert who spoke with Miller says that could mean there were multiple people involved, and that something may have happened inside the house that prevented Misty from knowing which person took her away.

Miller goes on to say Misty cried at the results, then stormed out of the room. That’s when he says he spoke with Misty, who begged him to let her undergo hypnosis and voice analysis.

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