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Missing Man

Pickup In Canal

Pickup In Canal

MISSING MAN: Rita saw truck & body submerged in Ditch.


Rita phoned the Police Department to day:

He left the bar and took a wrong turn.  And his car landed in a ditch.  He took a turn where there is no road and he landed in a ditch.


A false psychic gave a vision of the man being stabbed and that he was dead somewhere.

The lady psychic claimed he got into a fight as he was leaving the bar.  This account was reported over the news.

It resulted in the police wasting a lot of time because they were misled.

However, Rita’s vision was that he had taken a wrong turn because he had spent the night at the bar drinking.

After a month or two went by, someone saw the top of the truck in a swollen ditch.  The man was found dead inside.  He had taken a wrong turn because he was drunk.

Poloce would have found the body immediately if they had listened.

Keep checking back to see if Psychic Rita Estelle has more visions of missing persons.

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”





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