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Missing Boy Toddler

Missing Toddler Tulare Calif

Missing Toddler Tulare Calif

Summer of 1998: LITTLE BOY Missing: Rita saw death in hole in Front Yard.


Rita personally spoke to the police – but later found that her information was ignored. 

His parents believe he wondered off.

Rita: I see him right there on the property.

He is in a hole.  And is where there is a jumble of old toys in a big mound.  Tangled mess of grass and old stuff.

That’s where he will be found.  Still alive – unable to speak – Squeezed.


Tragically, the little boy died.  Rita was assured her tip would be checked out.

Because police ignored this information, the child died while in the hole – as his mother, father and police walked around him.

Boy’s body was eventually found in a hole in the front yard, just as Rita explained.  He would be alive today if Rita’s advice had been taken seriously.

Keep checking back to see when Psychic Rita Estelle has visions of other missing children.

“Together We Can Bring the Missing Home”

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