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Full Moon in January will be Tense and Stressful

Full Moon

The Full Moon on January 23, 2016, will be in the fire sign of Leo.  Leo’s ruler is the Sun.  This sign enjoys being in the public and loves an audience.  Expect people to be “over the top” and act in ways they usually do not.

Try not to overreact to what others have to say.  If you have something on your mind, best to state if clearly and honestly, after Mercury turns direct on January 25.

Now is the perfect time to present your project to the public.  Especially any creative endeavors, such as music, dance, plays, or works of art. The public will be looking for anything that is new, creative and exciting.

You may find yourself wanting to work alone now rather than with a group.  Leo is the sign of the individual.

Relationships will be tense and stressful now.  The Full Moon is also about endings, if you are in an abusive or troubled relationship now would be the time to end it.

The Full Moon is on January 23, 2016, at 8:46pm (EST), at 3 degrees Leo.

The sector of your chart that the Moon is transiting will be affected  dramatically, so check your personalized forecast!

All times eastern.  (UTC -05:00)

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