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Mercury Retrograde Dates 2016

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

The mischievous winged messenger will begin his reign of confusion, misdirection and missed appointments four times in 2016.

Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, if you were born under one of these signs, you will feel the effects more than others.

If you work in industries ruled by Mercury such as sales, public relations, writing, publishing, advertising, airfreight, postal service, express mail, freight industry, airlines, buses, Amtrak or teaching, you will be especially vulnerable to a Mercury retrograde aspect.


What happens during Mercury Retrograde?

Missed appointments, computer and related equipment crashes, email and snail mail are lost or over-looked, the car you purchased during Mercury retrograde is a lemon. Countless delays, appointments cancelled or postponed.

Machinery and items with moving parts such as computers, CD players, camera equipment, forced air units, and so on, will reveal their weak links.

It is critical that you back up your computer files and be more careful and vigilant than ever. Not a good time to install new software or downloads.

Projects will take more time and money than anticipated during this time.

Not a good time to sign contracts, finalize negotiations or begin a long-distance trip.

People from your past could emerge, and you could have to deal with some unfinished issues in relationships, both business and professional.

In love and family dynamics if someone breaks up with you or says something hurtful, take it with a grain of salt. Mercury rules speech, they may not mean what you think they said. Take a wait and see attitude before you do or say anything.

When traveling leave early and allow extra travel time. Double-check your tickets, bags, and reconfirm all appointments.

The sector of your chart that Mercury is transiting will be affected dramatically, so check your personalized forecast!


What can be done during a Mercury Retrograde?

This is a good time to backtrack and reconfigure your path in life. Revisit old clients, reconsider, reflect, reconnect and repair. Mercury forces us to slow down and fix what is broken, and to rethink things. This is also the perfect time to get a few projects off the back burner.

Time to visit old friends. Adopted children tend to find their birth parents; people find their long lost siblings and classmates. Law enforcement will find clues to crimes that previously remained unsolved for years. There is a greater danger during this time, that law enforcement can bungle evidence, while investigating a new crime, due to unclear thinking.

Mail and items that was lost weeks or years ago generally shows up during a Mercury retrograde.

Now is also the perfect time to set things right in relationships. If you are in sales this is a time to revisit previous contacts instead of calling on new ones. Time to schedule work on projects that you have not had time to do. Bring your resume or portfolio up to date, and clean out your closets, paint and repair the house.


Try not to start new projects

If you start a new job during Mercury retrograde, know that the nature of the job will change dramatically over time. The person you report to will leave or your responsibilities will be different from what you were told they would be. The company that hired you might make a sudden change and delay taking you on, or you will not have much to do until things are reorganized. If this was a position that you interviewed for in the past, then Mercury retrograde will work for you.



Edward Snowden, the computer specialist and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who disclosed to several media outlets a large number of top secret NSA documents began his travels seeking asylum during Mercury retrograde. He flew from Hong Kong to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, which was to be a one-night layover en route to Ecuador. Snowden remained stranded in the airport transit zone until Mercury went direct.

Pope Benedict XVI, April 19, 2005 to February 2013, personal name Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. Became pope during Mercury retrograde and renounced the papacy on his own initiative. Beginning a job during Mercury retrograde shortens your time with the company or changes your job description and duties.

Classic Mercury retrograde hit professional golfer Jim Furyk at the Barclays Tournament in August of 2010. He overslept and was disqualified from the Barclays Golf Tournament. Always have a back-up and double check everything during Mercury retrograde.


Mercury Retrograde dates for 2016

January 5, 8:06am, 1 degree Aquarius to January 25, 4:49pm, 14 degrees Capricorn.

April 28, 1:20pm, 23 degrees, Taurus to May 22, 9:19am, 14 degrees Taurus.

August 30, 9:04am, 29 degrees, Virgo to September 22, 1:30am, 14 degrees Virgo.

December 19, 15 degrees Capricorn to January 8, 2017, 4:40am, 28 degrees Sagittarius.

All times eastern.

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