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How each sign approaches holiday gift giving

The planets rule our lives; here is how each Astrological sign approaches gift giving during the holiday season.

Aries: Purchases only items that they like. They always ask what you want, but they ignore your suggestions.

Taurus: Gives stocks, and bonds to the adults and savings accounts to the children. Money and security makes a Taurus happy.

Gemini: The originator of re-gifting will re-wrap presents they did not want from last year. They have a closet full of unwanted gifts.

Cancer: Makes cinnamon sticky buns, fudge and other handcrafted items.

Leo: (July 23 – Aug. 22)
King of the mountain has all his holiday gifts purchased and wrapped by Dec 1.

Virgo: It is not the gift; it is all about the wrapping, which usually costs more than the gift.

Libra: Decisions, decisions, they will make up their mind sometime next year.

Scorpio: Always mysterious and highly sensual, gives their lover a night to remember.

Sagittarius: The adventurer returns home from some exotic location, and hands out strange souvenirs, like rocks, pebbles and beads. Leaves everyone shaking his or her heads.

Capricorn: Organized to the hilt, only has time to give each person an engraved pen.

Aquarius: Goes online to purchase gifts.

Pisces: Must save the planet from global warming and plants a tree in the name of their loved ones.

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