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Two life changing Eclipses Nov 13 and 28, 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Two Life Changing Eclipses in November

November has two Eclipses that will bring life changing experiences to many, both good and bad.  Total Eclipses carry more weight than a partial Eclipse and have the power that is ten times stronger than an average full or new moon.

According to astrologers, eclipses bring radical changes in a person’s life, and the onset of each eclipse should be watched carefully.

If an eclipse highlights your sun, moon, rising sign, or one of your natal planets, then the eclipse will bring radical changes into your life, often in ways that are completely unexpected.

Golfer Tiger Woods was hit by an eclipse in November 2009, which turned his life upside down and ended his marriage.

Eclipses bring truth to the surface, especially a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

New Moon Eclipses are associated with new opportunities and the opening of a new path.

The first eclipse on Nov. 13, 2012, is a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 5:17 AM (EST).  This will be a total eclipse, viewable in the Southern Hemisphere including Australia, Antarctica, and extreme southern South America.

The eclipse will occur in the intense and passionate sign of Scorpio.  This could be a time of total regeneration, or it could be a time for retaliation.

The second eclipse on Nov. 28, 2012, is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Gemini at 9:33 AM (EST).  This will be the last eclipse in the sign of Gemini for at least eight years.  This eclipse will generate a lot of stress with five major planets at an aspect to this eclipse adding imbalance and tension.

How both of these eclipses will personally affect you depends on the planetary aspects of your Natal Chart and current planetary transits.


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