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Three Questions Answered by Email $50.00

Three Questions Answered by Email $50.00

In emotional turmoil, lack of job, money troubles, cheating partner, court appearance? Set your mind at rest. Three questions will be answered and emailed to you in PDF format.

Please send the following information with payment, which is needed to put your report together.

Your Three Questions
First and Last Name
Birth Date
Birth Time
Birth City
State or Province
The City and State of your current (permanent) location.

Reports are confidential, emailed to you in PDF format. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for receipt of report.

Don’t worry if you have forgotten something we will get back to you.

3 comments to Three Questions Answered by Email $50.00

  • brandy

    Rita, Thank you! I was on the edge of suicide, Facing financial disaster, and an eviction´╗┐ notice. I took the last bit of money I had to email you with my problems. You said I have been in financial crisis for seven years. You shocked me because, I had been in trouble for exactly seven years. Amazingly a month after talking to Rita my financial problems started coming to an end and my debts were under control. The important thing is Rita kept me from giving up at the darkest hour of my life.

  • dakfeld

    When I saw your video on YouTube, I had to make a plug for you because you have been so good for me. I couldn’t live without your daily astrological readings. I go over your readings every morning´╗┐ so I know what to expect, and I know what to do in advance. I know when somebody will be bad news, and I know when opportunities are coming.
    Without your daily help I was going through life like driving through heavy fog. Now there are only blue skies! My new successes are definitely because of you.

  • HT

    Rita! :)

    You are amazing! Thank you SO much for taking
    the extra time to clarify this for me. You’ve been
    very helpful and I really appreciate every bit of
    advice you’ve given. What you said makes perfect
    sense, so I will go ahead and give it a shot!

    Again, thanks for getting back to me on my
    further questions. You are so kind!

    Warm Regards,