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Natalee Holloway Case Update

Natalee Holloway

Per Rita: In vision, I was in the same room with the father of the Dutch boy (who is a judge) and three boys as they discussed how to hide Natalee’s body. The judge masterminded the coverup. He told the boys to dump the body in the cistern and cover it with cement. [...]

Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway

Psychic Rita Estelle, saw Murder by Young Man while Two Friends watched.  ARUBA

Emailed to Mrs. Holloway (Twitty) week of July 31, 2005. This was most recent to go out. No response.
Cannot find Email address of Aruba Police department. Not on Google Search.

Per Rita: She is encased in cement. It’s some kind of box [...]