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Missing Man

Pickup In Canal

MISSING MAN: Rita saw truck & body submerged in Ditch.


Rita phoned the Police Department to day:

He left the bar and took a wrong turn.  And his car landed in a ditch.  He took a turn where there is no road and he landed in a ditch.


A false psychic [...]

Laci Peterson

Lacey Peterson

Emailed to Modesto Police a week after news broke.

Rita: I believe it is the husband.

She had fallen asleep on the couch. And he had taken a pillow and started smothering her. And she sort of woke up.

And at first she thought he was just playing – but she realized he was serious and [...]

Chandra Levy Case

Chandra Levy

My original vision on the case:

Male, latino
Wavy hair
Dark skin
Physically fit (at the time)
Worked in gym
First name began with “I”
Lived with mother
Not American
Her body in park, under bush with berries, near rocks

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”


Missing Boy Toddler

Missing Toddler Tulare Calif

Summer of 1998: LITTLE BOY Missing: Rita saw death in hole in Front Yard.


Rita personally spoke to the police – but later found that her information was ignored. 

His parents believe he wondered off.

Rita: I see him right there on the property.

He is in a hole.  And is where there is [...]

Traci Renee Conrad

Traci Renee Conrad

TRACI RENEE CONRAD: Rita saw dead body hidden in neighbor’s yard.


Rita’s vision: Little girl in a back yard close to house.  She was never taken anywhere or left town.  She will not be found alive – she is in the back yard.


Weeks after Psychic Rita’s phone call to [...]