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Robert Manwill, Boise ID – Update

According to the, August 19, 2009

Indictment states couple beat, tortured Robert Manwill.

“BOISE – A grand jury indictment paints a graphic picture of the death of 8-year-old Robert Manwill and the alleged roles his mother, Melissa Scott Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Daniel Ehrlick, played.”

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”

Robert Manwill, Boise ID

Robert Manwill, 8 years old, Boise Idaho.

Look to a female and male close to Robert
Extreme anger from male caused crime.
Feeling of body moved twice.

Sandra Cantu: FBI Investigating Huckaby’s Grandpa Lawless

Sandra Cantu

Tracy, CA –  Announced on KCRA this evening, the FBI was in Clarkston, WA at the First Church of God Church and spoke with it’s pastor, Bill Creutzberg:

A source inside the investigation has confirmed to that they are investigating previous alleged abuse allegations within the church against Clifford Lane Lawless, Huckaby’s grandfather. [...]

Sandra Cantu: Church In Washington State Searched

Sandra Cantu

Posted on May 2nd, 2009
by Stone in Op-ed Society and Culture

Clarkston, Washington- FBI searched the First Church of God in Clarkston, Washington. It is a church that Melissa Huckaby’s grandfather Pastor Lane Lawless use to work. There isn’t much detail regarding the search or what prompted it. It is only reported to be [...]

Sandra Cantu Vision Update

Sandra Cantu

Male has a Svengali control over Melissa Huckaby.
Keep checking back to watch the vision of Psychic Rita, which she had posted from the beginning of this case, come to pass!

Sandra Cantu

Sandra Cantu

My initial vision on Sandra Cantu:

out of mobile home park
anger towards Sandra

A male close to Melissa Huckaby is involved,  spouse feels things are not right, but in denial.  Spouse does not have direct knowledge.  Police may not be able to implicate him on this crime; he washes his hands well.  The apples don’t [...]

Haleigh Cummings Update

Haleigh Cummings

Misty will be in handcuffs – arrested.
Misty running cops in circles.
Ron is completely innocent, has nothing to do with it.
Haleigh Dead or Alive?  Simply ask Psychic Rita Estelle.

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”


Chandra Levy Case Update

Ingmar Guandique


As of Saturday, February 21, 2009 FOX NEWS: Police have interviewed and are close to charging a California prison inmate in the eight-year-old case of Chandra Levy, the federal intern who vanished and was found murdered a year later, a law enforcement official told FOX News on Saturday.

Police would have found [...]

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Mother (Casey Anthony), murdered her daughter, Caylee.
Casey is a complete liar.
Cannot believe a thing she says.

Together We Can Bring The Missing Home

Laci Peterson Update

Lacey Peterson

Police determined that the husband was guilty and Laci’s body was found at a lake in the Bay Area.

Keep checking back to see if Scott Peterson ever reveals it was on the couch that He smothered Laci to death with a pillow.

“Together We Can Bring The Missing Home”